Rolex Oyster Style Vintage Red Watch Box

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Style: Oyster Style Mens or Ladies Vintage Watch Box

Measurements: 11.5cm x 5.8cm x 5.2cm

Circa: 1930's - 50's

This genuine vintage Rolex oyster style watch box is beautifully crafted and of the highest quality. Would be perfect for an early midsize Bubbleback or Prince style timepiece. The outer cover is deep red leather and still bears the original retailers sticker on the bottom which reads E. Bernheim, Joaillier-Orfevre, 49 Re Des Fripiers, Bruxelles. A small brass button opens the spring loaded lid. Inside the soft silk lining is signed Rolex Geneve-Suisse. The red velvet base still looks almost new and is ready to frame your precious Rolex timepiece. A truly beautiful artifact from Rolex's historic past.